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Permanent Visas

The Permanent Migration Programme enables persons to apply for indefinite stay in Australia while having access to many of the benefits provided to Australian citizens including free public healthcare and subsided study.

To be eligible for an Australian permanent visa, the applicant must be able to demonstrate that they satisfy criteria specific to a particular visa class and subclass. These criteria are extensive and are often underestimated by applicants seeking to represent themselves.

The following links are therefore intended as a general guide only.  More detailed information relating to permanent residency applications can be obtained by contacting the Australian Migration Advisory.

Please note that the number of permanent visas issued by the Department of Immigration each year is limited and therefore these visas are very competitive. The process of applying for Australian permanent residency is also expensive, and lengthy processing delays can often make it difficult to settle in Australia during the interim period.

To find out how we can help you to fast track your application, or for information on interim solutions including finding work, please contact the Australian Migration Advisory.

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